About The Founder

Linda M. Crosby

On June 10, 1972 my life was totally changed at the age of 23 I was burned beyond recognition. I feared I would never be the same again to experience life as I knew it. I started the Heart Burn Foundation to provide support to families whose lives have been altered by fire.

Our services include, providing support through temporary; food, clothing, temporary shelter, counseling, and fire prevention education. The Heart Burn foundation is a referral service for the American Red Cross south metro division. The red cross is an emergency organization, the Heart Burn Foundation is a recovery organization.

“Supporting burn survivors with help from the Heart!”

Mission Statement:

To restore a quality of life that has been destroyed through fire. Providing assistance in this time of hardship. Enabling a return to a normal status more quickly.”We cannot let the heart burn, for with the heart man believeth.”

We are committed to serving GOD by serving others. The purpose is clear and the Glory is GOD’S.

Over the passed years we have been active with:

  • Grady’s Burn Unit
  • Georgia Fire Fighters Burn Foundation
  • Camp Oula Burn Camp for Children

Our Goal is to raise money for a HEART HOME. Families need a safe transitional place to recover, from the devastating effects from a fire.

Fire not only destroys properties and kill people, but can leave long lasting traumatic effects, on survivors as well.People who survive fires may be severely disturbed by the experience of escaping the fire, witnessing a catastrophe or loosing loved ones, family pets or even treasured possessions. Our mission at Heart Burn is to address these needs, as we assist families with their recovery.

Linda McQueen
Heart Burn Foundation